Electric Actuators

Valve Automation Systems

El-O-Matic Electric Rotary Actuators produce upto 2500 Nm of torque. They are available in three series, namely:



EL actuators use worm and worm-wheel reduction gearing to provide tight positioning control and the self locking feature necessary for controlling larger valves, particularly butterfly types.

The housing is of aluminium castings, it contains the drive motor and worm gear assembly, together with the anti-condensation heater and main terminal strip.

EL actuator take the full range of control options, it has mechanical end position stops and torque switches. Visual position indication is by a window in the top cover.

A geared manual override is fitted as standard, it is engaged by means of a declutching lever. When the motor is energised the unit automatically returns to motor operation, thus ensuring operator safety.

These actuators are available for ON / OFF and modulating applications.


A compact, robust range of Electric Actuators.

Especially designed for small two and three way ball valves and similar drives requiring 900 or 1800 of rotation from a single phase or DC, electrical supply.

The water tight, aluminium alloy housing with steel cover, contains the drive motor and spur gear box assembly together with anti-condensation heater and main terminal strip. Two limit switches provide for position limiting remote position indication, space is allowed for two extra switches or a potentiometer for additional position feed back.


Series ELQ electric Actuators are powerful, quarter turn units with five sizes covering the torque range from 100Nm to 800Nm. They incorporate High Ratio Drive (HRD) gearing which provides a compact backlash free reduction gear ideally suited for both tight positional control and long trouble free ON / OFF operation.Universal power control allows direct connection to all the usual voltages.

The aluminium alloy housing contains the motor, gear reduction and the Electronic control unit (ECU) – Electronic control enables precise control of the Actuators internal functions and a ready interface to a wide range of control options. Electronic torque control is included as a standard feature. Modular construction is used throughout and allows for a wide range of “kit” and “factory” options.

The manual override handwheel is constantly engaged, it is non-rotating and arranged so that at no time can be back driven by the motor. The handwheel is removable for shipment, also to prevent local operation when this is a requirement. The mounting / drive is to ISO 5211.

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