Introduction to Positive Displacement Pump Technology:

A Positive displacement pump comes into picture when a liquid is too viscous to be handled by a centrifugal pump. The capacity showcased by PD pumps is consistent since the output is dependent only on basic design of the pump and the speed of its driving mechanism. PD pumps have self-priming so they handle highly viscous liquids very well especially liquids with a certain volume of entrained air.

Introduction to Viking Brand :

Since 1911 Viking has been a pioneer in the positive displacement pump industry. High quality, fully tested pumps with strong foothold in respective applications has been a USP of Viking Pump over the years. Over 1400+ liquids can be pumped through Viking pumps. We have Over 245 authorized distributors in 68 countries to provide application support and service.


Markets Served include:

Chemicals Acids & Bases, Alcohol & Solvents, Soaps & Detergents
Polymers Rubber & Plastic, Fibers & Resins, Polyurethanes
Fuels Refined Fuels, Biofuels, Liquefied Fuels
Oils Crude Oils, Lube Oils & Greases, Asphalt & Bitumen
Coatings & Sealants Paints, Inks & Dyes, Adhesive, Caulks
Machinery Fuels & Lube, Heat Transfer Liquids, Filtration
Personal Care Lotions & Creams, Toothpaste, Hair & Skin Care
Foods Sugars, Chocolate, Oil, Dairy, Meat
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