Valve Automation

Authorized Valve Automation Partner

The ELOMATIC authorized distributor network offers exceptional knowledge and service that helps you design, implement, and support your valves automation investment.

Shreeji Process Control Pvt Ltd has extensive knowledge and experience in the automation of various types of valves and actuator combinations, enabling us to better serve our customers and ultimately save you time and money.

We are continually working and training with our manufacturing partners to keep current with the latest technologies and practices to make sure our valve assemblies leave our shop calibrated, tested and functioning right the first time!

The scope of industries and processes that utilize automated valves is enormous, and growing each year. As new processes are developed, and old processes are improved, there is often a need for new and unique solutions that either do not exist or are not readily available as “off-the-shelf” products. Providing these new solutions is one of our specialties.

Complete CAD development services are a standard part of our custom valve solutions. Your assembly will be created virtually for review and discussion so that important decisions can be made before any investment in actual product.

Our Factory is capable of producing just about any actuated valve assembly in-house. In addition to assembling components, we also have complete machining capabilities to produce any specialty brackets or mounting hardware.

We have been helping customers develop special “custom” solutions since we opened in 2010. Whether we are constructing a unique assembly using the same components that we stock for basic valve automation, or sourcing obscure specialty valves that are hard to find, we will work closely with you to develop the best possible solution. After development is complete, we will build, test, and deliver the approved automated valve assemblies.




Shreeji Process Control offers integration and fabrication services to external clients to satisfy custom design specifications and drawings. Our facilities are equipped with the most up-to-date equipment, stringent compliance to quality standards, skilled operators and technicians backed by world-class engineering.

We provide solutions that improve project schedules, reduce costs and provide turnkey integrated mechanical, electrical and control system solutions. We focus on techniques that result in continuous improvement of safety, cost, quality and delivery — ultimately creating more value for our customers.


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