• AODD Pump (Sandpiper Make) – WHY CHOOSE AODD PUMPS

AODD Pump are air operated displacement type pumps which uniquely differ from all other positive displacement pumps, as a result of air pressure action on the entire surfaces of the diaphragm, the diaphragm is in a balanced condition while pumping. This measurably extends diaphragm life over that of mechanically operated diaphragm pumps. Because compressed air is limited, the maximum pressure developed by the pump is also safety limited. Thus, AODD pumps are appropriately selected for on-demand intermittent requirements.

Sandpiper air operated diaphragm (AODD) pumps are one of the largest producers of AOD pumps for industrial fluids in the world. In operation since 1965, Sandpiper is an industry leader for pumping problem liquids such as oils and chemicals to abrasive slurries with ease. Sandpiper gives its customers multiple solutions to pumping needs with heavy duty ball, flap, containment duty and standard duty pump configurations, including a patented single air drive system that guarantees no-stalling.

  • GEAR Pump – (Viking Gear Pump) WHY CHOOSE GEAR PUMPS

Gear pumps are a type of rotary positive displacement pump, meaning they pump a constant amount of fluid for each revolution. Gear pumps transfer fluid by gears coming in and out of mesh to create a non-pulsating pumping action. Gear pumps are able to pump at high pressures and excel at pumping high viscosity liquids efficiently.

There are no valves in a gear pump to cause friction losses and also high impeller velocities, with resultant friction losses, are not required as in a centrifugal pump. Therefore a gear pump is well suited for handling viscous liquids such as fuel and lubricating oils. Gear pumps are not suited for pumping solids and abrasive liquids.

Internal and external gear pumps are the two basic types of gear pumps. Both the internal and external gear pumps have an idler gear that is driven by the driving gear and both use the same method of gears coming in and out of mesh to create a pumping action. The main differences between the two gear pumps are the placement of the gears and where the fluid is trapped.

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